"43 Miles South as the bird flies" is a body of work I have been developing over the past 3 years, it connects the city to my studio on the Mornington Peninsula. From Melbourne's city which has long been the inspiration of my work, with its allies and lane ways, the architecture, the food culture and street art, the buzz and hype, the energy and the anticipation of seeing something that you may have been blind to before. For me, all these things unite and create the cities' heart. St. Kilda sits just south of the city and travelling through over the bay To my studio on the Mornington Peninsula where there is an obvious beauty of the landscape, the ocean, the bays and the country side, but these are not what I am drawn to. I have discovered aspects not for their immediate beauty, but for their intrigue and finding magnificence that is less apparent, in the structure, their form and symmetry or the changes in surface that have developed over time.